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hows it going everyone... i had this dream last night and its been… - The 7th Dimension [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The 7th Dimension

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[Nov. 19th, 2004|12:56 am]
The 7th Dimension


[music |The Spill Canvas Final - The Tide]

hows it going everyone...

i had this dream last night and its been bugging me all day and night...

I was in a restaraunt with my family and there was a guy sitting opposite to me. He started talking to me, just normal chit chat but slowly and as discreetly as he could he started sliding plates of food at me, the plates slid of the table and landed in my lap, staining my clothes, at first i thought he was being clumsy but he kept on doing it. After a few minutes I asked him why he was throwing his food at me which he replied that he was afraid of me and that i reminded him of a horror movie character and that i was stalking him... I told him that he started talking to me first... (the thing is he was acting really calm as if he didnt know what he were doing, he wasnt acting panicky or anything) it was the last straw wen he spilt hot soup over me and i jumped up and started beating him, hitting him with everything that came into reach of my hand... and suddenly my cousin asked me what i was doing... the guy was gone and i was fighting with thin air, everyone said i was craz y..."
so basically i dreamt of insanity, and being the victim of it...

any idea what it could mean?